Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK (Free Purchase)

Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK (Free Purchase)

Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK: Introduction

Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK is a farming adventure game where you take on an exciting role of helping a family make a radical change in their way of life on the desert island.

You can Download Family Island™ — Farming game

Here’s the breakdown of what you can do in the game:


Plow the fields, plant and pick them, and use the crops for cooking and crafting. Other than animal farming for your dairy needs, you can also engage in live stock farming for additional resources like meat and hides.


Build up a town that includes houses, workshops, and other structures; this will enable the town to be economically viable.


Get your hands on concealed objects, solve mysteries, and gain new islands along the course of the game.

Family Story of Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK

Take part in the search by going to meet the characters, and learn more about the story from their past. Finally, help the characters recover their lost and distant relatives.

The game mingles engaging farming mechanics and a hilarious plot line up in an exciting new adventure. Along the way you’ll encounter obstacles and bring you problems that only you can help solving and as a dairy farmer you can achieve great things in your life and in the community.

Here are some additional details to consider:

Art Style in Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK

Being the cartoonish design of the game is enjoyable for the age range.


The game starts with some basic understanding of the game play and teaches and new concepts as you move up the level.


This title is completely free, but you can choose to buy additional in-game items via in-app purchases.

Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK (Free Purchase)

Family Island™ — Farming Adventure game Mod APK: Features

Welcome to Family Island!

Family Island™ is a farming simulator, where you act as a castaway who lived a happy life on a tropical island, until a shipwreck destroyed your new home and you had to break a new colony. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect:Here’s a closer look at what you can expect:

Building a Thriving Farm in Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK 

Planting and Harvesting

Plant many cultivars as you start, look after your field and at the end of year, bring in the bountiful harvest. Give your merge farming jobs to prepare tasty foods or create necessary stuff.

Raising Animals

Where else but on the island that these animals are freaking cute partners?! Produce chicken, pig, and cow meat in order to get eggs, milk, and different resources you have.

Creating a Vibrant Town

Constructing Buildings

Buildhouses for your family brotherheadhams to produceyour tools and allunrelated to them barns to produce your animals. Please, do not forget decorations painting the town beautiful!

Unveiling the Island’s Secrets

While you search and expands the city, use your powers of observation to discover the hidden objects and solve complex riddles that will help you resolve the island mysteries. In this example, the sentence might shift to a more conversational tone, using simple words and expressions that one would use while communicating with others.

A Heartwarming Family Story in Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK 

Meeting the Castaways

Get to know the Robinson family – a mother, father, and their child. Learn about their past and their hopes for the future.

A Search for Loved Ones

Robinsons will find their lost kin in return for the secrets that the island reveals.

Key Features of Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK

Charming & Colorful

The throwing stone which seems to be in the cartoon style attracts not only children but all ages players.

Easy to Learn, Fun to Master

The game have some new tomb mechanics that allows it to be more accessible but also what keep the players hooked with its challenges.

Free to Play with Options

The game is for download and also for free to play but the players who want to progress rapidly and reach goals at an early time can buy the in-app purchases.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and enjoyable game that combines farming fun with a touch of adventure, then Family Island™ might be the perfect island escape for you!

Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK (Free Purchase)

Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK: Conclusion

In Family Island™ you can experience the heaven in creating a new approach of life with the concept of a beautiful island.

Here’s a recap of what you can experience:

Create a Thriving Farm

Establish plant gardens, breed the animals, and get the resources in order to steadily become an island town.

Build a Vibrant Community

Build a town with dwelling places, workshops, and other structures for practical use.

Uncover the Island’s Secrets

Explore the island, finding clues and solving puzzles gently to discover underlying secrets.

Join a Heartwarming Story

Show a family of shipwreck victims chronicles their lives as they rebuild and also try to locate their close family members.

Key features to consider

Relaxing and Fun

In the game, try out the fluffy atmosphere and vivid graphics.

Easy to Learn

The game provides a gentle and gradual learning curve through introducing its mechanics sequentially, thereby allowing new players to adapt without difficulties.

Free to Play

Instant download and play, free of charge with ability to enhance and tailor the game to your preferences.

Family Island™ — Farming game Mod APK: Technical information

Here is some technical information about Family Island™ — Farming Game


Casual farming game


Melsoft Games Ltd

Release Date

The 18th of November, 2019


Free to play and available as a download with an option to call up some extra power-ups in the game.

Available on

Androids and iPhone is the mobile device market at the moment.

System Requirements


Requirement may vary from device to device, however for minimum is android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later installed on it.


Only the version iOS 11.0 or later of operating system is needed. Those Macs with an M1 Apple chip or newer have to run on the new macOS versions.

File size

Device specific data are available, but in general the file size is approximately 625 MB.


English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish.

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