Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK 1.3.000 [Unlimited money]

Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK 1.3.000 [Unlimited money]

Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK Introduction

As a Keeper of the English Hundred-thousand acre estate, a case of murder and deceit under my purview. Calling you all to the Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK, even though it’s grand and a little uneasy.The clues are so well hidden that this adventure turns you, literally, into a thrilling detective.

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The Scene

The Mystery Hotel, which is located in a very picturesque area of Western Europe, is just what you may think of when you are in want of a refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The Gameplay of Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK

Welcome to the realm of observation!Prepare to flex your keen eyesight!A picture-driven scene with so many things that you can only find out by noticing all the details.As a hidden objects game player, it is your job to search detailed landscapes for stuff required to complete a given list.A problem you want need not trying you then from there every object you them will be an important clue or suitably seeded.

Beyond Hidden Objects

The game does not just provide for the simplistic searching but is loaded with infinite features to make the hunt even more addictive. you could experience mini-games, riddles and even talking to some unusual,guests of your hotel.

The Challenge

The first level starts in a dropship novelty platform.Things are sneakily placed, puzzles become mind-teasing, and those error-free hunting & responsive keystrokes are so much needed!

The Reward

Discover the truth behind the murders and ensure that justice is being served.Get famous with your detective skills, hack the ubiquitous clumps of the Mysterious Hotel,

Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK 1.3.000 [Unlimited money]

Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK: The Key features

Unravel a Murder Mystery

Let your curiosity fulfilled by taking the role of the detective and solving the so called awful murder in the mystery hotel which has rocked the peaceful environment.

Variety in Gameplay of Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK

Instead of finding only hidden objects, think of Andrásfai and make something more vivid, such as pointing out the smallest details. The game provides you with mini games, puzzles and conversations with characters to give you the much-needed fair fun.

Multiple Challenges

Human sensitiveness! As you move towards the end of the game, the difficulty level will also rise. The objects will get more and more difficult to find while the plot gets very tricky and detailed, demanding all your attention and a sharp perception to find the underlying scheme.

A Rich Atmosphere

Discover scenic places decorated with hints and secrets hidden everywhere. Doubt everything, and everyone, even if they live in your own home.


The story keeps going with the scenarios replaying with just new objectives that give the gamers a chance to earn points thus extending the time of play and the costs of purchase.

Collection Building

Earn rewards while you create your collection piece by piece as you move through the levels and solve the puzzles.

Optional Hints

what know for the fact, that they got there, the searching players cannot uncrack. The game is giving you a bunch of hints for free to make sure that you always move on.

Completely Free to Play

In the whole Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects journey, one can do without any additional purchases with mandatory character. I rather make it simple and flexible than invest in other features.
Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK 1.3.000 [Unlimited money]

Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK:A Satisfying Resolution

Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK will take you on an engaging quest of your detective’s thought process that will end with a breath-stealing finale. Here’s what you can expect:

The Culmination

Have the characters face a nail-biting confrontation when you finally get to the crux of the killer’s motive and unveil the shocking twist behind the murder.

Justice Served

Please be a spectator of one of the most memorable scenes, where the perpetrator is finally caught. This will significantly depend on the plotlines: maybe you will present them in the public space, enable the authorities to apprehend them, and – to be on the safe side here – capture them yourself using strictly detective principles.

The Aftermath

This damper makes the case take on the last note of the resolution. When the police solving this case finally wrapping it up, the rest clients will be able to endure a sigh of relief and the hotel will hopefully be returning to normality

Lingering Secrets

The conclusion is far less clear-cut of an issue. Maybe these could be the clues to pieces of unspoken truths and secrets that lie deep down under the hotel. In this way this movie inspires the audience to explore other unknown tales or makes the viewers expect a thrilling acknowledgment in a sequel.

A Sense of Accomplishment

This point, when the solution closes up and does justice, you can expect something like triumphal procession and victory surge. You’ve made use of your excellent ability to spot details, apply your deductive nature, and you’ve not moved an inch until you unraveled the truth.

The Final Scene

By now the game has reached its final scene which remains unforgettable. It could depict the restored emptiness of the hotel, show down the results of your private eye work, or dive us in the story of your following plausible case.
Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK 1.3.000 [Unlimited money]

Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects: Technical Assumptions

Here’s a breakdown of the technical details for Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects:


The game is available on multiple platforms

Mobile (Android and iOS)

System Requirements of Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK

Mobile (may vary slightly depending on device)

Operating System

iOS 12.0 or later (iPhone/iPad) or Android version that meets the minimum requirements set by the developer


May range from device to device, but it approximately amounts to 194 MB (iOS) and 636 MB (Android).

Other Technical Details of Mystery Hotel Hidden Objects Mod APK

The game is free of charge on the mobile platforms along the option of in-app purchase.
Besides the language, the game has it. Little differs about language version on different platforms.

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